More Water Than Words by Kathleen McCoy


An island that emerges, disappears, reemerges; green trees in flames; sheep that change color– death is considered here in the mythical realm of change and possibility. Rooms are never entirely empty of those who once inhabited them, and even window smudges take on the visage of a lost loved one. McCoy’s poems are a richly hued consideration of “mysterium tremendum / through a shadow of glass.”

— Marilyn McCabe, author of Glass Factory and Perpetual Motion






More Water Than Words

by Kathleen McCoy

$13.99, paper

Kathleen McCoy is the author of Green and Burning, Glas Agus a Dhó (Word Tech, 2016) and the chapbook Night-blooming Cereus and other poems(Adirondack FemSoul, 2007). She grew up in the Ohio Valley in Rio Grande and graduated from Georgetown College and the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she was a Creative Writing Fellow and earned masters and doctorate degrees in poetry writing and modern literature. After her twin sister took their mother in for seven years, Kathleen cared for her the last seven years of her life. She organizes 100 Thousand Poets for Change at SUNY Adirondack in upstate New York where she also chairs the English Division. She lives with her husband, daughter, and the cats who own them.


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