The Space Between Us by Anne Bower



The poems in Anne Bower‘s The Space Between Us offer a world in which the space that we and the objects we live with is dynamic, accepting us as well as pushing back at us. With a painter’s eye for color and form, an engineer’s sense of process, and a tai chi expert’s command of muscle and mind, Bower shows readers the complexity of self in the vanishing moments that art preserves for a while. The reader finds herself caught up in the circling flux of “light’s sheen on apples” and rides the poems’ musical currents with the “slow intensity” of a pas de deux.
–Susan Shaw Sailer, The God of Roundabouts


In The Space Between Us Anne Bower observes in quiet measured moments
hands, house, heart “breathing each…over and over,” each moment a noticing, an opening, an embracing. Bower moves with grace… stretching, flexing to shape “the air around and within us,” showing that space is not empty but our “force frame support.”
–Pamela Ahlen, Gather Every Little Thing




The Space Between Us

by Anne Bower

$13.99, paper


Anne Bower is the author of Poems for Tai Chi Players (Kattywompus Press, 2013) and has displayed poems in PoemCity (Montpelier) and PoemTown (Randolph). Her poems have been published in Light Journal and The Literary Nest. She lives in rural Vermont, teaches tai chi, upholds community projects, adores her family, and gardens organically. In her previous life—in a galaxy far far away called academia—she taught American literature and published books and articles about food and culture (Recipes for Reading, Reel Food, Introduction to African American Foodways).


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