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50/50 by Bucky Ignatius


“When we are hungry, there is a tendency to gobble down the little appetizers served before the main meal. Don’t let these small poems fool you. They are a nourishing meal in themselves. Savor them slowly. There is space around them for a reason. Digest the distillations of one man’s deep engagement with the every day world. You may begin to recognize a hunger for paying attention to what your own life is feeding you.”

–Susan F. Glassmeyer, poet and founder of Little Pocket Poetry


“It would be easy to say that in this age of short attention spans, Bucky Ignatius’s poems reflect such curtness, but on the contrary: Fifty Under Fifty presents us with either resonating images, good to linger over, or thoughts worth mulling for a time. One of the great qualities of poetry is its ability to slow us down and invite our close attention. These acutely observed and reflective poems do just that.”
–Richard Hague, Poet, Writer and Teacher


Fifty Under Fifty reads like a verbal improvisation–short, short movements played out in tight free verse and form. Sounded over musings on love of nature, romance, creativity, and both the big and little things of everyday life, the specifics catch the mind’s ear and eye. There are alliterative bloodroot blooms and wisteria tendrils as wiry flouters. A lost earring goes on the lam in the vinca. Goldfinches dress down in winter khakis while pajamas will wear lilac after being line-dried. The moon is an old pearl. A beloved cat peeks out from behind the words now and then and elsewhere Pope Francis channels in his inaugural homily Otis Redding’s song, “Try a Little Tenderness.” This book contains a rich interplay of image, sound, and color that absorbs the reader like a performance while inspiring meditative thought.”

–Claudia Skutar, Poet and Professor, University of Cincinnati

Rating: *****  [5 of 5 Stars!]



50/50 Fifty Under Fifty

by Bucky Ignatius

$12.49, paper

Bucky Ignatius is a semi-reformed hippie who has spent most of his 70 years in or near Cincinnati where he currently lives, tending a large garden and a small cat. He has been writing most of his life, with a focus on poetry sharpening over the past 20 years.


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