come down the stairs by Harriet Gleeson



Harriet Gleeson‘s collection “Come Down the Stairs” artfully draws us into rich pockets of imagination and refuge, of departure and rejoicing, of flight and grounding. We’re offered sideways glimpses into life-altering moments, where time slows and we enter the hyper reality of this moment of both chaos and connection. The poems span childhood to older age, and in every one, it is a delight to see the world ‘always a turning.'”

–Charlotte Gullick author of By Way of Water


“Impressively crafted, emotionally moving, mind engaged and soul reaching Harriet Gleeson’s come down the stairs is a beautiful collection of poems. Her magnificent craft never eclipses her content. DESIRE starts out deceptively simple and then plunges into the dark: “points of light litter the night sky /enter the heart like barbs.” The “desire to know the earth” suspends us “between desires.” These poems touch on other desires, enter the heart like the arrows of Eros.”
–Sharon Dubiago author of Hard Country





come down the stairs

by Harriet Gleeson

$13.99, paper

A transplant from Australia, Harriet Gleeson began writing poetry on her retirement from  teaching math and science and upon her arrival on the north coast of California, beside the Pacific ocean and among the redwoods. She is inspired by the experiences of a long life and the  beauty surrounding her, her partner and their small dog.


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