Dancing in the Crystal Palace by J. Lorraine Brown



In these spare, elegant and luminous poems, J. Lorraine Brown writes of devastating loss with uncompromising honesty and courage. Her clear, unaffected style and eye for detail draw you in, while her ability to turn ordinary occurrences into extraordinary images will catch your breath.
–Fran Witham


The poems in J. Lorraine Brown’s third collection, Dancing in the Crystal Palace, sing a love song of beginnings, middles, and everlasting ends. From young courtship to cemetery lanes and cathedral spires, she weaves poems so vivid you can’t help entering, dancing to their music and nodding in affirmation to the poet’s insights. With the keenest sense of the exact word, the perfect image, “the slog and pitch of blood,” and “flamingos” with “necks rolled and twisted like wash cloths,” Brown does what the best poets do: leaves you, at her concluding lines, mouthing “yes, yes,” and wanting more.
–JoAnne Preiser, author of Confirmation

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]





Dancing in the Crystal Palace

by J. Lorraine Brown

$12, paper


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