Kamikaze Dance by Amy Barone (NWVS #114)



Amy Barone‘s special talent was obvious the first time I read her poems. One of the differences between poetry and prose for me, is that poetry through rhythm, meter and the sound of the words, touches the heart, the spirit. Barone’s poetry is of nature, it reconnects us to our essence.

–Alan Wherry, Former Director of Penguin and Co-Founder of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC


Riding the winds of Amy Barone’s potent imagery the reader is transported to various stages of the poet’s life—childhood, young adulthood, 20-something ingénue—and the places that she makes part of her in her quest for understanding. Her keen powers of observation, the simple but deft twist on language, enable her reader not only to see Milan, Rio, the streets of Manhattan and the homes of Philadelphia but also experience, for a moment the essence of those cities. Barone, like a clear, weightless light guides those who love language to the heart of place, and to her own heart.

–Patrice Adcroft. Former Editorial Director, DISCOVER Magazine


In these graceful, tightly-formed poems, Amy Barone traces a global trail, splashed with color, light and music. A swirl of cultures dot this landscape in the compelling language of a woman who has felt the winds of the world, only to discover a more infinite panorama in homebound, unscheduled journeys to the land of imagination. “Kamikaze” is the Japanese word for “divine wind” and that same wind flows through these 26 pieces, swirling through a range of intense emotions and vibrant reflections, released into poems meant to be explored and savored.

–Kat Georges, poet, Our Lady of the Hunger


The poems in Amy Barone’s terrific new book, Kamikaze Dance, are about remembering. But they not only describe places and relationships, they dissect them too. She gets to what’s behind the facades; she knows that places change, relationships end and people eventually die, but before that can happen, she catches them on the fly in vibrant detail. This book is a keeper!

–Ron Kolm, author of Suburban Ambush and editor of the Evergreen Review

Rating: ***** [5 of 5 Stars!]



Kamikaze Dance

by Amy Barone  (New Women’s Voices Series, No. 114)

$12.49, paper


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