My Father’s Bargain by Jessica Cuello


“It’s like a music box dropped in the woods, wind it and new archetypes emerge: you prefer a mattress-less wood bed to combs and lace or fall in love with a human dressed in donkeyskin. Accidentally, you burn. I wish I’d written this book, I can’t stop re-reading it.”

–Jane Springer, author of Dear Blackbird and Murder Ballad

Anda con mi and follow Cuello’s haunting and witchy voice through these poems. Ay si! Enter their transformations carefully, brothers and sisters, for I found myself suspended in the amber of their longing. These are fairy tales for a dangerous and modern world.

–Oswaldo Pompa, author of Canciones de mi Cuerpo and Culas Musicas

Rating: ***** [5 of 5 Stars!]






My Father’s Bargain

by Jessica Cuello

12.49, paper

Jessica Cuello is the author of Pricking, published by Tiger Bark Press in 2016, and Hunt, winner of The 2016 Washington Prize from The Word Works. Jessica is also the author of the chapbooks My Father’s Bargain (2015), By Fire (2013), and Curie (2011). She was the winner of The 2013 New Letters Poetry Prize, a winner of LUMINA’s poetry contest (selected by Carolyn Forché), the recipient of a 2015 Saltonstall Writing Fellowship and the recipient of the 2014 Decker Award from Hollins University for outstanding teaching.


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