Sudden Geography by Diane LeBlanc



In the painterly and gorgeously wrought poems of ‘Sudden Geography,’ Diane LeBlanc gracefully navigates a passionate spectrum between presence and absence: a bright salamander taking temporary refuge within the frill of a rhubarb leaf; a sunflower neck minus its yellow head; the mint patch holding the shape of a beloved dog now gone; a gift of tulips drying and scattering on a lost friend’s grave; attentiveness to small quotidian beauties in the face of inevitable flux and transformative uncertainties. These poems chart their own circadian rhythms with thoughtful compassion and fierce splendor—the wintry loveliness of despair a palimpsest, or fulcrum, upon which swings the memory of cardinals, the bitter promise of fiddleheads, or the dream of a moose in a field of columbine.

–Lee Ann Roripaugh, Author of ‘On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year


Diane LeBlanc is a poet who has both hands firmly in the earth. And so the poems in ‘Sudden Geography‘ come to us fresh, local and organically grown. From the Far West back to the Midwest, the trajectory of these surprising poems can encompass a world at war through a close examination of what lies right before us, as yet undiscovered. This third chapbook from LeBlanc deserves to be read and reread until its sweet poetic nourishment becomes a part of your body.

–Derick Burleson, Author of ‘Melt

Rating: ***** [5 of 5 Stars!]




Sudden Geography

by Diane LeBlanc

$14, paper


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