Tailor Shop: Threads by Laura Cesarco Eglin & Teresa Williams



In these translations, Laura Cesarco Eglin writes, “I face myself with the other/ in memory” and “sing with everything I have.” And we hear in this fierce voice that calls to history–and to the mirror–a deep desire to piece together, through the recuperative powers of language, what has been lost or altered through exile, tragedy, everyday losses. But there is also, in these poems, the transformative powers of love for family and the beauty of the mundane.

–Rosa Alcalá, author of Undocumentaries


Tailor Shop: Threads is more than a chapbook–it is a novel, a history, a family memoir in poetic form, a grand moving story built of poems and joined with the intricacy of a spider’s web. Laura Cesarco Eglin‘s poems form a meditation on her family of tailors, in the real and metaphorical sense of that word, on her life and their lives as Jews in pre-war Europe, in Auschwitz, in Uruguay, and Israel. In so doing she makes this experience part of our heritage and our collective past.

–Jesse Lee Kercheval, author of Cinema Muto and Dog Angel

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]



Tailor Shop: Threads

by Laura Cesarco Eglin

Translation by Teresa Williams and Laura Cesarco Eglin

$12, paper


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