Write Home by Allison Geller


“In Allison Geller’s chapbook Write Home, the world is large with place and language, history and heart. In these poems, ‘a vertebrae of light is cast from the sky,’ and ‘the moon giggles.’ The night and all its hush balance precariously against the day’s thin light. A lyric ache informs each poem with wounded magic. Reading them is an uncommon reward.”

–Paul Guest, author of My Index Of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge and One More Theory About Happiness


Allison Geller’s poems move on gypsy feet through a host of extremities—seasons of hibernal snows and protracted heat, foreign cities, insomniacal nights, and the streets, apartments, cafes, fjords, and cathedrals of ‘St. Hurt & St. Love.’ Chasing their own implacable desires with an eye for the beautiful potential everywhere—in the world, others, even one’s own guilt and mistakes—Geller’s speakers are cast in, and cast, a spell of entranced becoming. Emily Dickinson wrote ‘Where Thou art – that – is Home.’ Geller’s Write Home, both imperative and declarative, makes the “wonted, matinal urge” to record the thrall of dared experience its own shelter, its destination.”

–Lisa Russ Spaar, author of Vanitas, Rough and Satin Cash


Rating: ***** [5 of 5 Stars!]



Write Home

By Allison Geller

$12.49, paper


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