Yawns Between Strangers by Jade Ramsey



In Yawns Between Strangers, Jade Ramsey delivers innovative musings on the fragility of human connections in fresh dynamic language. The wry images here marinate in the mind like stars, gaining richness over multiple readings. Taking familiar tropes and dipping into pop culture references, Ramsey reinvents them into a fragmented mirror in which we see our own broken reflection. Her unique poems alternately sparkle with a knowingness of human foibles and a deep ache for healing. Recently included in Best New Poets 2013, Ramsey here proves she clearly deserves the honor and is a new poet worth paying attention to.

–Christine Butterworth-McDermott, Woods & Water, Wolves & Women

Rating: ***** [5 of 5 Stars!]


The central theme in this gathering of nearly paranormal poems is flowers—nightmarish, berserk, all-consuming. And yet, “slothful in ink,” the flowers are also the yawns of the title as they spread themselves out, spreading emptiness, over-creating the force that created them, until, like the young man whose hands overwhelm the neighborhood he has built in “Long Discord,” the reader is left under their spell—diminished, but everywhere, because Jade Ramsey has eradicated distance and made strangers of us all. Here, poetry is aggressive magic, and the words are but seeds coded to be boundless.

–Larissa Szporluk, Traffic with Macbeth

Rating: ***** [5 of 5 Stars!]




Yawns Between Strangers

by Jade Ramsey

$14, paper


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