A Prayer On Behalf Of The Broken Heart by Rachel Kann, NWVS #132


“Your very being is a map of eternity”, writes Rachel Kann in A Prayer on Behalf of the Broken Heart, a book best experienced as just that: a field guide to endurance and the interminable foreverness of G-d. But it’s more than that. “The best infinity / The constellation of all possibilities, / Is beyond our comprehension.” What is most ineffable is most unknowable, even though it permeates every atom of our world. These poems teach us that there is beauty in brokenness, for even that is made from the matter of our maker.  This is a rabbinical book.

–Jill Alexander Essbaum, New York Times best-selling author and poet


Each piece in this collection sails lyrically through the grimy sea of human imperfection. And at the conclusion, the shoreline, of so many of these poems, the speaker reveals a  counterintuitive secret: Beneath the murky waters of our fallibility resides–has always resided–what is most Divine. This is a deep and beautiful book.

–Yehoshua November, Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award Winner, LA Times Book Prize Finalist


A Prayer On Behalf Of The Broken Heart

by Rachel Kann, NWVS #132

$14.99, paper

Rachel Kann’s writing (poetry and fiction) appears in journals such as Eclipse, PermafrostCoe ReviewSou’westerGW ReviewQuiddity, and Lalitamba. Her poetry and short story collection, 10 For Everything, is available from Orange Ocean Press. She’s a resident writer for Hevria. Her poetry has been featured at TEDx UCLA, on Morning Becomes Eclectic on NPR and as The Weather on the podcast phenomenon, Welcome to Night Vale. She has three albums, The Upward SpiralPtolemaic Complex & Word to the WHY?s. She teaches poetry and fiction workshops through the Writers’ Program at UCLA Extension.


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