Approaching Poetry by Mark Grinyer

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Approaching Poetry

by Mark Grinyer

$14.99, paper

Mark Grinyer has published poetry in print and online publications from the U. S. and overseas. His poems have appeared in The Kansas Quarterly, The Literary Review, The Spoon River Quarterly, The Pacific Review, Perigee, Cordite and other magazines. Approaching Poetry, is his first chapbook publication. He received a PhD in English from the University of California, Riverside and wrote his dissertation on the early poetry of William Carlos Williams. In addition to writing poetry and teaching, Dr. Grinyer has spent much of his career in industry helping project teams prepare competitive proposals for a wide variety of products and services.  He has also given presentations at industry conferences and been a contributor to several business related books and publications. He is interested in poetic forms as vehicles for content expressed with varying levels of diction and formality, and is also interested the roles of poets as participants in, and critics of modern society.

1 review for Approaching Poetry by Mark Grinyer

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fantastic! Exciting! Thought- provoking poems! This is my
    husband’s first chapbook. Although he has contributed to
    magazines both print and online for many years, this is
    a new adventure and a long-awaited one. Enjoy!

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