Brief Immensity – (WINNER 2016 OPEN Contest) by Jeanine Stevens



With its acute sense of time and space, Brief Immensity is like walking through an expertly curated exhibit. Jeanine Stevens’ perceptions meld a scientist’s accuracy with an artist’s playfulness and a teacher’s generosity. Whether on rabbit feet traveling diagonally across the page, on snowshoes at Lake Tahoe or in Florsheims, she brings the reader along on a journey through past and present, across tides high and low, accompanied by sounds of flutes and falling snow. Stevens excites in us a curiosity to meet the world anew, to stay up late and “gaze at the mystical/ reconnaissance much as the lone deer rises/ in a fern meadow and passes, / nose to the horizon…/

–Alexa Mergen, poet and yoga teacher


In Brief Immensity, “the mind dreams on walls,” there’s “light that halts and waits for other things to begin,” and we hear “the sea wall whisper;” Stevens’ poetic journey, honestly rendered, pulls at the edges where common meets the mystic.

–Tim McLafferty, Editor of Forge, and musician



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Brief Immensity  (WINNER 2016 OPEN Contest)

by Jeanine Stevens

$13.99, paper

Jeanine Stevens studied poetry at UC Davis and CSU Sacramento and has graduate degrees in Anthropology and Education. Her second poetry collection, Inheritor, was released by Future Cycle Press, 2016. She is also the author of Sailing on Milkweed, Cherry Grove Collections.

Jeanine is winner of the MacGuffin Poet Hunt, the Ekphrasis Prize, and most recently, the national poetry award from WOMR, Cape Cod Community Radio. Jeanine is Professor Emerita at American River College and a member of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers.



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