CRANE DANCE by Lois Levinson



Poets have always been fascinated by birds. But poems about birds are typically written by people who are poets first and bird-lovers second. Not so with Lois Levinson whose skills as a birder and a poet are equally matched and equally on display in Crane Dance. Levinson brings a birder’s keen eye and a poet’s big heart to this lovely chapbook about all manner of birds. Whether she’s searching for the comical harlequin duck, watching a downy woodpecker, ‘red nape lit like a taillight’, or listening to ‘the spiral aria of the canyon wren’, these poems are beautifully shaped, sharply observed, and most of all, filled with a sense of wonder.

—John Brehm, author of Help Is on the Way


Poetry best escapes the trap of self-reference by looking outward, and these poems do just that, gazing into the not-quite-a-mirror where creatures live vibrantly among things real and sensuous. Lois Levinson’s poems move quietly, fashioned with a sure hand in language that is grounded even as it surveys the sky. Through wisdom, humor, and close observation, she evokes a deep connection to other living things, creating a habitat for us to coexist with them, learn from them, and ultimately find what binds us to them.

—Chris Ransick, author of Language for the Living and the Dead





by Lois Levinson

$14.99, paper

Lois Levinson is a 2017 graduate of the Poetry Book Project at Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver, Colorado.  Her poems have appeared in Bird’s Thumb, Clementine Poetry Journal, The Corner Club Press, These Fragile Lilacs, Mountain Gazette, The Literary Nest, Gravel, Literary Mama, Yew Journal and Mount Hope. This is her first book.


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