Dissections by Joanna Lee



“The sky is closer here…” Joanna Lee writes in her new collection, Dissections, where she melds the scientific study of the body’s internal parts to the literary analysis of texts and their reflections. What emerge are powerful poems, rich in detail, fueled by the documentation of fact and explored relationships. Through found forms, alert line breaks, and sonic diction Lee teaches us, “there is salt, and there is salt.” That in this world there is another ‘nested’ world, where the poet intimately bridges the mundane and holy, where Lee’s robust poems ring out for you and me, for “…God, / mathematicians & all.”

–Dorinda Wegener, Co-Founder of Trio House Press




by Joanna Lee

$13.99, paper

Joanna Suzanne Lee earned her MD from the Medical College of Virginia in 2007. Her poetry has been published in a number of online and print journals, including Rattle, Floodwall, Right Hand Pointing, THEthe Poetry and Contemporary American Voices, and has been nominated for both Best of the Net and Pushcart prizes. She lives and writes in Richmond, Virginia.


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