Flame by Terry Godbey


Terry Godbey’s Flame is a nuanced journey into the landscape of the interior, where our lives are tangled in beauty and ruin, season after season. It is a collection filled with courage, deep recognition and a necessary fire capable of enduring the losses a lifetime brings. In Flame, the human heart refuses to silence the desire that keeps it alive.”

–Brian Turner


Terry Godbey is both poet and hypnotist in these startling poems. I held each one close, like a lit match, until it burned. A hunger smolders in this book, one brought to life after divorce, after the tomboy ways of youth and the body’s betrayal, and this hunger is infectious, leaving one to ‘wonder where creatures go/when they can go anywhere.’ ”

–Alison Pelegrin


Rating: ***** [5 of 5 Stars!]




by Terry Godbey

$14, paper


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