From Darkness, Beatitudes by Nevine Sultan



The lyrical language and subtly drawn message in Nevine Sultan’s poetry reaches in and pulls one inside out, exposing the nerve endings—open, raw, and trembling, to the outside world. Conversely, there is an intimacy in her work, finding only You and She and The Other, a trio of long lost losses and long lost founds, together whispering discoveries ancient and future, known and unknown. Nevine’s poetry is approachable yet ethereal, poignant yet not over-wrought. A fine collection I will read again and again.

–Kathryn Magendie, Publishing Editor of Rose & Thorn and author of The Lightning Charmer


Nevine Sultan’s From Darkness, Beatitudes takes the reader on a journey between the line of dreaming and reality, through loss and rebirth, through the greyness of understanding the definition of life. The opening poem, “Freefalling,” begins the whirlwind as we are left helpless and may only witness that around us: “I do not mean to see this thing / this most private of commissions. / But the eye captures / before the mind receives.” This catapults the imagination into places between lightness and darkness—and everything in-between.

–Nick Sweeney, Assistant Editor of The Summerset Review


Nevine Sultan’s slender collection generously renders the visceral impact of nocturnal experience that resists the harshness of light. Reveling in the fresh perspective of darkness, the vital signs of life are born midst the shadows. Here steep the haunting questions, the rippling consequences, the oxymoronic beauty of fractured frames.

–Judy Wilson, author of Trespass and other Stories and Founding Editor of Yellow Medicine Review

Rating: ***** [5 of 5 Stars!]




From Darkness, Beatitudes

by Nevine Sultan

$14, paper

Nevine Sultan grew up in various countries of the Middle East and Asia. In her mid-teens, she returned home to Cairo, Egypt, for a while before moving to Europe and then the United States, where she and her husband currently live. Nevine is a mental health counselor/psychotherapist and a doctoral student. Given time away from her practice and studies, she writes poetry and fiction. Her work has appeared in a number of literary journals and anthologies. Her poem, “Freefalling,” was used as the background text of a video production by The National Film School of Denmark. Nevine maintains two creative writing blogs: one at, where she writes from dreams, imagination, and fantasy; and one at, where writes from presence, awareness, and integration.


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