Gardeners Do It With Their Hands Dirty by Robert Knox


Robert Knox‘s well-tended garden of verses furnishes readers with elegant borders, unexpected vistas, gorgeous blossoms, and insights sharp as thorns.  His themes are as local as the backyard and as universal as weather.  The poet is tuned into the present, like the journalist he also is; he is as deeply read as a scholar, and the verses he produces simply aren’t biodegradable.  Some are annuals, commentaries on the immediate; others are perennials, novel explorations of transcendent themes.  No matter his subject, Robert Knox‘s writing is never less than rewarding.  His work is that of a gifted and generous writer sensitive to all the personal and public events enacted before nature’s scrim of seasons, to all that lives and grows and dies.

-Robert Wexelblatt, poet, scholar, author of the story collection Heiberg’s Twitch and other books


Robert Knox is a brilliant writer whose bountiful work I am privileged to publish.  His new collection of poetry, Gardeners Do It With Their Hands Dirty, blossoms with wonder, wisdom, and wit. I highly recommend it.

-Firestone Feinberg, editor of Verse-Virtual



Gardeners Do It With Their Hands Dirty

by Robert Knox

$14.99, paper

Robert Knox is a husband, father, freelance writer for the Boston Globe, rabid backyard gardener, and blogger on nature, books, films and other subjects based on the premise that there’s a garden metaphor for everything. His short stories, poems and creative nonfiction have appeared in numerous literary. As contributing editor for “,” his poems appear on the journal’s site every month. His novel on the Plymouth, Mass. origins of the notorious Sacco-Vanzetti case, Suosso’s Lane, was recently published by


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