Heart, Mind, Blood, Skin by K. Andrew Turner



Heart, Mind, Blood, Skin is at once joyful and painful. Turner goes directly into the pain that remains years after emotional abuse has occurred and allows us to witness for ourselves some of the most difficult parts of his life. I think, however, that my favorite poems of this very strong collection are those that deal with sexuality. We are drawn into the most intimate moments, how sex is drawn out of an evening of flirting and expectation. Here, he is engaging in direct truth telling and his truths are powerful and interesting to read.

–John Brantingham


Located in a narrative of body and obsession, Turner writes, “Every day the ritual is repeated. / The blue afternoon / our only face,” as he navigates the deserts of California, Aorta, and Arizona in this debut full collection.

–Michaelsun Knapp





Heart, Mind, Blood, Skin

by K. Andrew Turner

$19.99, Full-length, paper


Andrew Turner writes queer and speculative prose and poetry from the observational to the absurd. He teaches and mentors writers among the palms trees and under the eternally sunny-skies of Los Angeles. In 2013, he founded East Jasmine Review—an electronic literary journal—where he remains as Publisher. He was a semifinalist for the 2016 Luminaire Award. Arroyo Seco Press published his first chapbook, “Gymlationship”. His work has also appeared in Chiron Review, LUMMOX, Carnival Literary, Sadie Girl Press, MUSE and other magazines and anthologies. You can find more about him and his work at: www.kandrewturner.com. Follow him on twitter @kandrewturner.


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