It just so happens  Poems to Read Aloud by Greer Gurland                                                  



“Like certain faces in a crowd, Greer Gurland‘s poems leap out at me. Their clean, unadorned surfaces — like smooth skin — contain all the the complexities of the human body. Blood, breath, bone, pulse, heartbeat, heartbreak, and joy. Fresh, exciting, full of surprising juxtapositions, questions and receptivity, what Gurland calls her ‘passing thought[s]’ are, in fact, our most ‘loyal company.’ Her poems are those people in a crowd whose eyes light up when they see us. We are lucky to have them.”

–Jennifer Tseng, Winner of the Marick Press Poetry Prize, Asian American Writers’ Workshop’s National Poetry Manuscript Competition, PEN American Center Open Book Award


“The poems in Greer Gurland’s lovely little book are short and meant to be read aloud, yet they reverberate within. Along with ‘the best physicians,’ she knows that our wounds run deep and need to be treated gently; she never closes what she aptly calls her ‘heart-door.’ She asks the world if it can be trusted to comfort her, but this is clear: Her poems can be trusted to comfort us.”

–Michael Blumenthal, former Director of Creative Writing at Harvard, Winner of the Water Mark Poets First Book Prize, Guggenheim, National Endowment for the Arts and Rockefeller Fellowships, Laven Younger Poets Prize from the Academy of American Poets


“These delicate poems offer what everyone craves: the careful, loving words of a dear friend speaking directly to you and for you, but these poems also come with a directive that they be read aloud. Obey–  doing so is the difference between reading a manual for life and life itself.”

–Susan Kaplan, Winner of the Academy of American Poets Prize, Ruth Lake Memorial Award, Poetry Society of America




It just so happens   Poems to Read Aloud                                                                

by Greer Gurland

$14.99, paper


It just so happens… Poems to Read Aloud is the debut collection from Greer Gurland, a former student of the late Profesor Seamus Heaney. Greer Gurland’s work pays homage to the art of expressing simple truths that manage to defy easy explanations. Her poetry has been described as unusually accessible while offering complexity and a depth that resonates with the reader.

Greer Gurland is a graduate of Harvard College (’91) where she won the Academy of American Poets Prize for the college. She is also an attorney (Harvard Law, ’94).  She authored the award-winning book: How to Advocate Successfully for Your Child: What Every Parent Should Know About Special Education Law.  Ms. Gurland’s poetry and creative non-fiction have appeared in publications including The Harvard Advocate and Sweet literary magazine.



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