Pelagic Mania by Willard P. Greenwood


Willard Greenwood casts line after line to words evocative of place and purpose, luring them to sip, bite, catch.

—Kathleen Achor, Editor, The American Fly Fisher


With the exuberance of a David James Duncan, Willard Greenwood talks to gods and raises fish on flies like no other poet I know. These beautifully written narratives are heroic and absurd, powerfully earnest and downright crazy. I love them. One feels the sublime catastrophe of staking your whole life on a fly, a cast, a fish. The poems that follow are reason enough to go on fishing and reading.

–Henry Hughes, Author of Back Seat with Fish


“Anglers are motivated by a diversity of interests.  For Greenwood, I suspect it is the rich and plentiful journey that leads not to destinations and fish, but a well lived life as a fishing bum.  His poetry captures the essence of what it means to angle with a fly; grabbing those special moments we know are there, but get missed in our single minded pursuit of fish.  I am a more observant, patient angler for having read this book.”

–Craig R. Schuhmann, Editor, Flyfishing & Tying Journal



Pelagic Mania

by Willard P. Greenwood

$14.99, paper

Willard is from Maine but lives in Hiram, Ohio where he has been teaching English and Writing at Hiram College since 2001. He lives with his wife Beth and two sons Robert and Michael. His oldest son Max lives in Maine. He teaches a legendary course called The Ethos and Practice of Fly Fishing, a writing/literature course in which students learn to fly fish. He claims that Pelagic Mania is the only chapbook ever published in which all the poems feature fly fishing. He has lived and fished in Indiana, Georgia, Connecticut, Vermont, Arkansas, Ohio, Maine and caught fish in Michigan, Texas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Colorado and Utah.

He teaches courses on The Epics of Homer, Craft and Technique of Poetry, Sport and Literature, The Early Novels of Stephen King, American Literature and Literary Theory. He is editor-in-chief of the Hiram Poetry Review, which has been in continuous publication since 1966.

In addition to advanced studies on the Atlantic Ocean, Penobscot, Grand and Chagrin Rivers, his education is as follows: Ph.D., Purdue University, Department of English. Modern and contemporary American literature with secondary areas in poetry and creative writing. M.A., English, Georgia State University.   B.A., University of Maine at Orono, English with a concentration in Classics.

In addition to the poems, he has published articles in The Drake, The American Fly Fisher, American Angler and The Journal of Flyfishing and Tying.



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