Jeffredo Allyson

Songs After Memory Fractures by Allyson Jeffredo


Songs After Memory Fractures is a conjunction of yowls and whispers that recognizes life as the longest, truest measure of time—confronting the real terror of loss and the even greater surprise of it. Each page operates with a reluctance to denounce the confusion of longing for memory, while avoiding exaggerated sentimentality, and delivering “history no one knew would be lost.” This powerful work unveils a necessity to address our origins if we are ever to reconcile our mangled vitality.

-Chance Castro


The speaker in Songs After Memory Fractures invokes her scattered memories among “wet footprints” that vanish, allowing us to witness an expansive and fierce imagination at work, poem after poem.

-Juan Delgado


Songs After Memory Fractures is itself a song with chase of loss as chorus, with disintegrating moments of beauty as backbeat, and the echoing pain drives the volume. As we run down empty streets of recollection, Songs After Memory Fractures is the one unbroken street light, dripping insight into the journey of love as place, of time as a fading photograph, of death as “a river burning” on repeat.

-Bolin Jue


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Songs After Memory Fractures by Allyson Jeffredo 

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