The Acoustic Properties of Ancient People by Michael Tims



Michael Tims has an intelligence seldom encountered. His innate curiosity and remarkably varied life experience has provided him with an extraordinary body of knowledge. Not simply because knowing particulars affords him a greater appreciation of singular phenomena, but rather, because he understands that all idiosyncrasies are , in some way,  part of a larger, unifying truth.

–Bobby Donovan, Director, Curator, Hyattstown Mill Arts Project


The Acoustic Properties of Ancient People” takes us to new places, some out of time and others rooted in modern life. These are poems filled with intellect and heart, informed by the writer’s interest in science and spirituality. His images help me to decipher these bewildering times as the writer himself quests for meaning in our world. I find comfort in his line “The future of the universe has not yet been determined.” To my amusement, Tims’ writing is filled with quirky, slightly off-center observations and perceptions. I find this collection a delightful voyage to places ancient and imagined, and I encourage you to take this unexpected journey – don’t look back, just keep moving.

–John C. Wilson, Visual artist and theatre director, Creative Director, Maryland University of Integrative Health


Michael Tims goes deep. Through auto-memory into the ancestral Ata-memory, and past that to probe the Ur-memory, rooted within deep-time, beyond words, beyond even breath and flesh, down to the molecular, the slow pulse of metamorphic rock, of congealing stardust. Along the way, he confronts anger, loss, and redemption, channeling tribal harmonies tuned to the counterpoint throb of desire and denial. Read this book slowly. It took eons to be born.

–Luther Jett, author Not Quite: Poems Written in Search of my Father, FLP




The Acoustic Properties of Ancient People

by Michael Tims

$19.99, FULL-LENGTH, paper


Michael Tims received his BA English from George Mason University and a PhD from University of Maryland studying medicinal plants. Currently he is Academic Director for Herbal Programs at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Recent poetry publications include: Theory of Air, Biophony, Water Lilly at the Edge of a Dream, The Unspeakable Sense of Connection and The Acoustic Property of Ancient People, The Syzygy Poetry Journal, 2015.  Bone Seed Lilac, The Broadkill Review, 2015.  White Father, Haven, 2011. Attentive Heart, Life in Me Like Grass on Fire: Love Poems, Maryland Writers Anthology, 2011. Fractal Activity, Northern Virginia Review 26, Northern Virginia Community College, 2011.   His manuscript, The Acoustic Property of Ancient People, has been a finalist in the following poetry contests: 12th Annual Dogfish Head Poetry Prize, 2014 and Brick House Books, New Poets Series, 2013.


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