The Moscow Poetry File by John Huey

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With Moscow Poetry File, John Huey takes the reader to the former Soviet Union at the time the experiments in democracy and openness were fading and Putin was consolidating his power. Money, alcohol, drugs, sex—all were there for the taking and Huey tells the story of an American making his way through the new Russia, seeing the dangers and corruption clearly, yet drawn inexorably to the excitement like an alcoholic to Moscow’s readily available vodka: “It’s the action, the movement that/grabs you./As has been well noted and remarked/elsewhere it’s an addiction.”

Moscow Poetry File ultimately relates two love stories: the romance with Russia that was doomed from the start; and the story of an encounter with an exceptional woman that blossoms into love. “Warm, /Your face shows the way of the world./All turbulence put and set aside./My life, my peace, what can you/do but stand beside me./Glue, you are what holds.

–Gregory Luce, author of Signs of Small Grace, Drinking Weather, Memory and Desire, and Tile


 “In this beautifully crafted book we see the poet performing the difficult task of writing sensitive often erotic love poems steeped in the political upheaval and individual struggle that marks Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  There’s hard earned wisdom and stark intelligence warming the assortment of violent shadows lurking behind every cold rendezvous—these brilliant poems, like pursued lovers, ask no quarter and give none as they flee into the dark night of the written page—where falling snow covers the remains of tenderness-as well as the broken bodies every personal revolution leaves behind—what Mr. Huey has created in the Moscow Files is nothing short of a vision where the forces of oppression and greed are subsumed by the oppositional power of love.”

–Gary Lemons, author of six volumes of Poetry including ‘Snake’ and ‘Snake-Second Wind’



The Moscow Poetry File

by John Huey

$19.99, Full-length, paper

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    That John Huey sees the world with a poet’s eye and a world of wisdom is evident in this fine first book of verse. It is attractively printed and typeset with the readers’ enjoyment in mind. Each poem is well developed, featuring precise language, clarity, and an assured voice. This book creates an environment that is warm, alive, and rich in colors, personalities, moods, and architectures, manmade and natural. Each piece is complete on its own, but taken together the volume makes a provocative narrative of the seen, unseen, discovered and hidden, which in the end creates an interest in seeing more of Huey’s poetry.

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