The Persistence of a Bathing Suit by Cristina Trapani-Scott

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This collection is a celebration of life, an acknowledgement of heart-ache, a searing series of poems that manages  “to step out of the in-between / where past and present twist / like filaments around each / other…”  Cristina Trapani-Scott’s poetry is musical, visual, sensual, and full of brilliant observations and precisely-rendered moments.  This is work you’ll read again and again, and want to share.  The world this poet brings to the page is odd, and very lovely, and her poetry is as full of risks as the act of loving one another is, and just as important, remarkable, and full of big and little miracles.

–Laura Kasischke author of The Infinitesimals


The Persistence of a Bathing Suit by Cristina Trapani-Scott is a book of disclosures and reckonings. As the collection’s title suggests in its allusion to Dali’s famous painting, it is not the distortions of memory that will be the subject of investigation, but the mortal body through which time runs, an investigation spurred on by breast cancer. From that place they ray out to a daughter as well as an aunt in Sicily and a town that bears the author’s maiden name. Whether in the well-wrought images of poems like “A Day at the Chemo Spa” or in rhythmic pulses of the heart in “Climbing a Mountain on Horseback in July,” the poems in this engaging collection look and listen; pulsing with life, they move.
—Debra Kang Dean author of Fugitive Blues




The Persistence of a Bathing Suit

by Cristina Trapani-Scott

$14.99, paper

Cristina Trapani-Scott was born and raised in suburban Detroit. The daughter of a painter, her childhood was influenced by trips to art museums. She has always found solace in the visual arts and seeing the world around her through that lens. She now lives with her family in Northern Colorado where she finds art in the inspiring mountainous landscape.

Cristina Trapani-Scott lives in Northern Colorado. Her poems have been published in Hip Mama Magazine,, Public-Republic, The Paterson Literary Review as well as in the anthologies Bigger Than They Appear: An Anthology of Very Short Poems, Writers Reading at Sweatwaters, and More Sweet Lemons: International Writings With a Sicilian Accent. She holds an MFA in Writing from Spalding University and currently teaches online.

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    The subtle, wise, and powerful poems in THE PERSISTENCE OF BATHING SUIT by Cristina Trapani-Scott contemplate mortality and cancer treatment from the “middle generation” between grandmother and grandchild–“the vast/ space between before and after” and come to terms with what’s “Lost in Translation” and how “looking/ back is just as murky.” These poems stand “at the other/ end of the bridge./ Cross,” I say, to read them!

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