Woman of March by Yumiko Tsumura



These delicate poems are alive with deep silence in which they occur.  They are not haiku but are haiku-like, suddenly emerging as epiphanies—enigmas— upon the white paper.  They are a testimony to a life lived not in the light of intellect but in specific, deep consciousness. To encounter Yumiko Tsumura’s poems is to encounter something deep, elliptical, passionate: “spots of time.”

-Jack Foley–Poet and Critic


Yumiko Tsumura’s authentic voice bridges East and West. Her voice is at once wise, well honed, compassionate and sharply intelligent. Her power of observation are put to work with often delicate precision in these poems, whose subdued but intense emotional appeal makes them a profoundly human pleasure to read.

–Peter Clothier–Poet and Critic


These poems are autobiographical, open-eyed, reaching back to childhood Pacific War memories of Japan and her life in the US, reticent yet rich with intimate perceptions in-visioned and invoked, invested with transformative powers, conjuring an eventful life path of discoveries, losses and reaffirmations — “wondrous /with passion /and grace.”

–Ken Rodgers–managing editor, Kyoto Journal



Woman of March

by Yumiko Tsumura

$19.99, Full-length, paper

Yumiko Tsumura was born and educated in Japan and has an MFA in poetry and translation from the University of Iowa. She has taught at universities in Japan and the US. The poems in this book span her life in the two countries. Her books of translation include Kazuko Shiraishi’s poetry by New Directions. She lives in Palo Alto, California



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