Writing My Dictionary by Dennis Herrell



This new collection is proof positive of Dennis Herrell‘s ability to craft poems that are both precise and passionate. One poem — “Small Essentials” — defines his approach well. Plenty of room in so much within that readers have ample room to draw inferences on first and repeated reading. Definitely one of the best chapbooks I’ve read this year.

–David Greisman, Editor, Abbey

Rating: ***** [5 of 5 Stars!]




Writing My Dictionary

by Dennis Herrell

$13.99, paper

Dennis Herrell is like every poet in the world – always in training, and painfully aware of it. He hated poetry in high school, romanced it in college, and made the big commitment soon after. He finds his poems by keeping his eyes and ears open and his mouth shut. Mostly. Life is made up of more small things than big. We are born, reproduce, and die. Fill in the spaces with good deeds, good food, good friends, good humor, and good reading and writing.


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