100 Miles of Heat by Mark B. Hamilton


“… written beautifully … a wonderful adventure.”

–David Remnick, editor, The New Yorker


“…remarkably told in trenchant verse … a wail and a love-song …. Of all the Lewisian and Clarkian that flowed from their bicentennial …, this epic poem is the single most compelling.”

–Robert Michael Pyle, PhD, environmentalist and author of Chasing Monarchs and Sky Time in Gray’s River


“You have added a major text to American environmental literature.”

–Darlene Mathis-Eddy, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Folklore and Literature, Ball State University



100 Miles of Heat 

by Mark B. Hamilton

$14.99, paper

MARK B. HAMILTON continues to embrace the earth in this selection from his journey down the Ohio River on the Lewis and Clark trail, writing of the joys and struggles of living in the natural environment of contemporary America. His poetry expresses a delicate narrative that accumulates into metaphor, clarifies with nuance, and lifts the world of observation into an awareness of reciprocity. It truly reminds us that our lives are a relationship.

Often, the curve of Creek or Run will set us deeply down

into the landscape, close to wooded banks on either side,

close to the hush of bird song and the whoosh of oar

into a quietude that becomes the mystery, old myths

submerged like fallen trees.




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