IRRESISTIBLE by Lynne Burnett



Lynne Burnett is astonishing. I cannot think of another poet who writes with more humanity. Wisdom is a word we seldom associate with poetry, but she reminds us that simply seeing the world the way it is can be a profoundly moral and life affirming act.  It’s what happens when compassion marries irony. The love child is this wondrous little book.”

D.G Geis, author Fire Sale (Tupelo Press/Leapfolio) and Mockumentary (Main Street Rag).


The poems inside Lynne Burnett’s chapbook live up to the collection title. Irresistible. Here is a poet demonstrating her considerable talents. There is much music and rhythm in these pages, and keen insight to the ebb and flow of relationships and heartbreak. I was particularly taken by the deft handling of the near miss in “Mute with Thanks.” And I was moved by the poignant stories in the title poem, “Irreplaceable” and “On Hearing That a Friend’s Husband Has Died in His Sleep.” Even the table of contents in this lovely book is a form of call and response. Her imagery and language resonated with me long after I finished reading.

–Devi S. Laskar, Author of “Gas & Food, No Lodging” (Finishing Line Press, 2017) and “Anastasia Maps” (Finishing Line Press, 2018)


Lynne Burnett takes us deep into the world of what is, what isn’t and what might have been, of accidents and unplanned incidents “where we fall without falling,” and death rings “a bell that won’t stop singing of loss.” Love is coupled with death here, and life is “an unfinished dream.” Burnett pulls us into the flow of the inevitable, where we feel the unheard and hear the unmentioned in the in-between, with powerfully rendered, beautifully phrased and sonically perfect observations. Irresistible is just that – an irresistible, stunning debut.

–Robert Okaji, author of From Every Moment a Second







by Lynne Burnett

$14.99, paper


Lynne Burnett was born in England, raised in Ontario, and has lived for many years in West Vancouver, BC with her husband. Her poems have appeared in Canadian and American journals such as Blue Heron Review, Calyx, CV2, Geist, IthacaLit, Malahat Review, New Millennium Writings, Pandora’s Collective, Pedestal, Tamsen and Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art. She is the 2016 winner of the Lauren K. Alleyne Difficult Fruit Poetry Prize. She happily goes off the grid each summer to cruise northern BC’s coastal waterways and islands.


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