Notes From A Nomad by Sarah Dickenson Snyder


Notes from a Nomad by Sarah Dickenson Snyder is important poetry. Snyder brings us to the brink of the worst of human nature, a glimpse into the darkness of genocide, “a brief sweep of skin,” in her travels to Rwanda. I’m glad to be with her, in her able hands, for she is open-eyed and awake. Other poems in this collection take us around the world to Machu Picchu, Tibet, Cambodia, finely crafted poetic journeys which will open your eyes.

–Laura Foley, author of Night Ringing


These poems travel quickly around the world, settling first to take in the stories and scenes of Rwanda in an aftermath, “words and dust pushed into unsayable.”  With “a language/of hand-delivered burdens,” they consider “a cracked map of what remains.”  They zoom out to consider the muse, “The wrinkled grayness of remembering” the miracle of grown children in such a world: “We look out the scratched windows—/no one touching.”

–Jill McDonough, Habeas Corpus, Where You Live


Poet Sarah Dickenson Snyder moves between worlds as teacher and traveler—from the crowded streets of Hanoi, to Istanbul, Eleuthera, Machu Picchu, and Rwanda—where a woman sets down a heavy water jug, the scar on her arm “a cracked map of what remains.” Snyder’s carefully observed “earthbound stories” teem with life as her lyrical voice plumbs the “unsayable” words, dust, and the “billion trillion specks of light beyond our reach.”

–Wendy DrexlerBefore There Was Before, Western Motel



Notes From A Nomad

by Sarah Dickenson Snyder

$14.99, paper

Sarah Dickenson Snyder has been writing poetry since she knew there was a form with conscious line breaks. Pertinent to her work as a writer, she has been an English teacher for many years, a mother for several, and a participant in poetry workshops. She was selected to be part of the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference and has had poems published recently in The Comstock Review, Damfino Press, West Trade Review, The Main Street Rag, Passager, and other journals, reviews, and book anthologies. In May of 2016, she was a 30/30 Poet for Tupelo Press. She has full-length collection of poetry, The Human Contract, from Aldrich Press.


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